Terms & Conditions

  • Products choosed shall send to the address given by you. If any changes needed in your address,

              inform it on the nearest day of your joining in MBWC.

  •  If the products returned unaccepted to the company within due time, you are liable to pay the

               expense sought by the courier company.

  •  If you want to send again the products , you have to pay the transportaion and other charges in

               advance as directed by the company.

  •  Products are sending after examination in factory and in Testing and Checking Division of

               MBWC. If any defect happend unexpectedly, you can return to the same parcel service. Our

               despatching division shall send defect free product at once.

  •  If you dislike to continue as a member of MBWC after registration, and products are returned

               with out breaking the seal within 30 days, you shall be given 90% of the cost.

  •  If you are returning as above, the company shall cease your site and related things.
  • If you want to sign up with the MBWC again, you shall submit a self attested agreement (without

                the option to return product) and your  admission shall be only after the approval of company.

  •  Only the persons who purchase minimum 2500BV worth product is eligible for 7 level


  • Commission for the above 600BV purchase shall be credited to their account.
  •  Company is bound to reach the product with party  within 14 days of their order.
  •  As the company’s, aim is to deliver high quality product to economically unsound people, and to

               keep their economic stability and happiness, and for encouraging themselves to assist others also,

               no doubt your participation in developimg this MBWC as a great institution, is remarkable.

  •  After purchasing 2500 BV worth product from E-Shope of  MBWC, if you are satisfied with the

               quality of product, you may refer your friends , relatives to the company and earn commission by

                their introduction.

  • When you are advertising the company’s product, plans through word of  mouth, teach your

               customer, and when extending your full hearted co-operation and service for the victory of

               customer, company promises adequate commission for such persons.

  •  IR is not authorised to offer business plan other than that of MBWC plan. Such dealings are


  • If any IR works contrary to MBWC plan and offer, a special squad shall enquire about it and if

               finds any fault, IR’s regisrtation and allied dealings shall be cancelled. More over legal

               proceedings also initiated on him.

  •  If you are not satisfied with company’s product, service, payout,you never refer a person to the


  •  Participate in the company’s meeting, training programme, and pass on to the business partner,

               the knowledge you absorbed from such participation.

  • If any complaints about the company’s working style or associates, you can approach the

                company without any  hesitation.

  •  Legal proceedings may be taken against those who diverts workers from company to other

               companies, after registration, and provoking workers with high range promises to join once own

               tree, if it is proved.

  •  After getting it ready to work with the company, no person shall be allowed to work for another

               networking company for a period of next two years.

  • If you want to work for another company, after informing the MBWC, may cancel your

               agreement with MBWC and then you may go.

  •  A person who register with the MBWC should have an account with State Bank of India or ICICI

                Bank and must have a living mobile and E-mail address.

  •  Never give an erroneous e-mail address. Company sending matters having privacy through your

                 e-mail ID.

  •  A stable mobile No. Shall be given at the time of registration.
  •  As the company has to pay the TDS of IR as per Income Tax Regulation Act, without a PAN,

                 IR’s payout shall not release.

  • Every person registered with MBWC shall keep an ID Card with the seal of MD of MBWC.
  • At the time of presenting MBWC presentation  to anybody, you shall keep with the MBWC ID

                 Card and India Govt. ID Card.

  • You shall wear companies ID Card at the time of meeting of MBWC.
  •  An IR should not quarrel with other networking company workers. IR shall keep distance from

                 these matters. Style of work of IR is mentioned in MBWC Culture.

  •  The company is aiming our progress, society’s  and of our Nation. For achieving this, follow

                 company’s system.

  • If you desire to register with the company and work for, deposit the amount for 2500BV products

                 in a Bank prescribed by the company in it’s Web-Site. Then you can ask for E-pin through your


  •  Purchase price of product may be transfered to the compay’s Account, by directly from the Bank

                 or by Mobile transfer. Remember nobody has authorised to receive or send money by the


  •  If any IR, do such money transfer for the company, their IR site and other allowances shall be

                 cancelled. Legal proceedings also taken on them.