1. Is MY BABA WAY CORPORATION PVT.LTD. registered with the concerned authority as a company? Where is it’s Head Office?
MY BABA WAY CORPORATION PVT.LTD. is a company registered under ministry of Corporate Affairs of India and it’s Head Office is at Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu State.
2. Is there any registration fees for working under MY BABA WAY CORPORATION PVT.LTD.?
Membership is completely free of cost.
When purchasing 600 Business Volume product from the MY BABA WAY CORPORATION PVT.LTD. E-Shop, one shall be alloted a Unique User Name, Password and Transaction Password and in continuation one can be known as Company’s Independent Representative.
4. Can one purchase products from the MY BABA WAY CORPORATION PVT.LTD. through E commerce without being an Independent Representative?
Certianly, one can purchase product through online from E-Commerce site attached to main site of MY BABA WAY CORPORATION PVT.LTD. which is starting nearly.
5. Can the Independent Representative change his Unique User Name, Password, Transaction Password?
Independent Representative can change his Password from MY BABA WAY CORPORATION PVT.LTD’s site.
6. What is Transaction Password?
It is compulsory to change the commission to E-pin received by the Independent Representative and for Fund Transfer. It should be kept seperately.
7. When purchasing online from the E-commerce site of Company, can one be an Independent Representative?
No. One should select registration in online purchase/registration column of Home Page of Company.
8. Can one be an Independent Representative by E-pin purchase directly?
No. One should be referred by the Independent Representative of MBWC.
9. How can I remit money for the products of MBWC?
You can fill up the form appeared when clicking Request E-pin in Home Page of MBWC and remit by online transfer or Bank deposit to the company’s account.
10. Is it compulsory my e-mail address, mobile #?
Certainly. E-mail address and mobile # should be your own. Because Pin # and other serious matters are sending through this by the Company. Sharing of the E-mail address of others is strictly prohibited.
11. Can E-pin, remaining after the purchase can be used afterwards? Is there any time limit for this?
Certainly not. No time limit for this.
12. Can I give money to Independent Representative who referred me for obtaining E-pin from the MBWC?
Never, it is not allowed. You can purchase E-pin from the MBWC Bank Account # after getting from Home Page.
13. Which kind of commission is giving to Independent Representative by MBWC?
MBWC Independent Representative is entitled to get 8 kinds of commission, mainly 7 level commission. More details shall be explained by the Independent Representative whom you are introduced.
14. How can I understand-an Independent Representative MBWC, about my commission and related other matters?
Commission details of each Independent Representative are included in detail in the customer site of MBWC.
15. When are the payout release date?
Commission calculation and it’s release is done after verifying two weeks transactions and for understanding payout date, see bi-week payout in the site of Independent Representative.
16. Is it need repurchase for bi-week commission?
Certainly. When repurchasing 600BV products from the E-store of the Independent Representative, Independent Representative is quallified for Independent Representative commission.
17. Has any referral commission? ?
Yes. Rs.250/- per referred.
18. Can I get the commission for remaining BV when I am purchasing above 600 BV?
Certainly. Excess BV can be seen in your Independent Representative site of MBWC. This is included in the each payout release date.
19. When and how the products which the IR intended shall get?
You shall be got the products wihin 14 days by courier.
20. What can I do when I got the damaged products or articles other than what I intended?
MBWC is sending products requested by the customers through widely equiped arrangements. So possibility to change or damage is very rare. If it happend accedently, you can return to the same couriers and your complaint shall be complied with at the earliest.
21. If I desire to retire after registering in MBWC, shall I get the amount which I remited?
If your request receives before sending the products through MBWC courier, after cancelling site, your remitted cash shall be deposited in your account.*Condition shall apply.
22. Can I register in MBWC and become an Independent Representative in any other occasion?
Once the site cancellation occured, you can’t register again directly.
23. Can unlock the name which blocked by request to Administration?
After examining the seriousness of situation at which retired, the Administration can decide. If allowed, there will be no chance for return products and cancel request.
24. Is it necessary to operate specific Account?
25. Is it necessary to remit courier charges by MBWC Independent Representative?
26. Is the commission deposited in the Independent Representative’s Bank Account is included TDS?
No. After deducting the TDS from IR’s commission, remaining amount shall be deposited in the account. TDS details of IR can be seen clearly in the site.
27. When I am not getting adequate support from my sponsor or if I am not in good terms with the sponsor or if I am facing certain difficulties, whom I can approach for redressal?
here is a Rescue Team window for IR in MBWC site. You can send a written petition to the same window. Your problems shall be solved.
28. If the problems are not solved from Rescue Team, is there any other arrangements for MBWC?
For setting IR’s difficulties, MBWC have arranged several bodies, such as core team, shadow and investigation MBWC court and this bodies shall assist the IR. More details are available in MBWC training.
29. Which are the reasons for freezing or cancelling the site of IR of MBWC?
When an IR receiving commission without supporting his referals, inviting or bringing referals of other IR’s to his own business, spreading defamatory against MBWC company, joining in other company of same business without intimate MBWC, taking steps to detach another IR from the company, these are subjected to disciplinary action.
30. Being a member of MBWC, can I join and work for other companies?
After giving termination letter and site cancellation an IR can do what he wishes.
31. What are the duties of an IR of MBWC?
MBWC is an ideologically based one. There is a culture for the company. That culture should be kept by every IRs. For details press the button of MBWC culture in home page.
32. What is the slogan of MBWC?
Rise yourself to help mankind.
33. Vision of MBWC?
Healthy people, wealthy people, happy people, helpfull people.
34. Mission of MBWC?
Supply high quality products to people. When the people satisfies about the quality, introduce others by their own words, utilise the income received by the joint work for once own necessities, paying prescribed tax of Govt. Of India for national interest, work for develope Indian economy are the missions of MBWC.
35. Is there any charitable institution under MBWC?
There is charitable institution named Nalakath Abdul Rehman and Thayadath Ayish (NATA’S) under MBWC.
36. What are the intention and aims of NATA’S charity foundation?
Click the Nata’s charity foundation in home page of MBWC.

All the litigal problems of company shall dealt under Coimbatore Jurisdiction.