About Us

The Best way to reenergise is to work in teams. My Baba Way Corporation Pvt .Ltd is an innovative way of running retail business in a hazzle- free and consumer friendly way intended to do good to the humanity. The nature and pattern of consumption has undergone a sea change as result of the revolution in Information Technology and spread of computer knowledge. Now people demand quality products from the global market. To meet the changes in the consumer products and to serve the consumers with quality goods at reasonable costs My Baba Way Corporation Pvt. Ltd. has devised the schemes to suit the ability, capacity and tastes of the consumers. We offer quality solutions for all the consumer needs. Spirit of exploration into new areas to help people, guide us in all our endeavours. Desire to deliver certain core values in the business, maintain the uncompromising attitude in keeping the necessary business standards, orient to customer service, co- operate with the clients for mutual support etc. demarcate the company from our competitors. The company is run on the principle of ‘Provide for today and plan for tomorrow’ and we have planned to organize a sound net –working based on MLM(Multi Level Marketting) principle benefitting all the people involved while ruling out the drawbacks of the present day MLM Net working. We stand for victory not of our company alone but also of the clients with whom we associate. ‘TEAM My Baba Way Corporation Pvt .Ltd is of the belief that business means relationships and effective relationships act as the solid base of any business. e-commerce is rising into prominence in the present day world and My Baba Way Corporation Pvt. Ltd owns an online shop to register its strong presence in the field of Net Marketting. Consumers can choose any product of their taste from any part of the world and we have the knowhow and expertise to procure and supply them at the door-steps through efficient and prompt courier service. Customers need to register only to avail this service. However, we have restricted the scope of Core values – The core of business
About us
Core values – The core of business
We stand for victory not of our company alone but also of the clients with whom we associate. ‘TEAM My Baba Way Corporation Pvt .Ltd believe that business means relationships and effective relationships act as the solid base of any business. We wish general well-being of all people and our business activities are based on this motive.

It is our firm conviction that positive outlook and good deeds with commitment to society can cure all the social ills that gripped the minds of many of our fellow beings. The cause of unrest, chaos and atrocities lie in the feeling of insecurity and uncertainty and alleviating them can to a great extent insulate human minds from negative thought. We in our humble way try to alleviate the feeling of insecurity from the minds through our business operations. Ethical business has a major role to play in this regard. We envisage a secure and happy world.
Walk The Talk; Help The People
To talk of a grand vision is easier said than done. The mission decides the ingenuity of whole the matter. Serving the society through business operations is a tight rope walk and chances to falter are many. But we use only quality products in our business. To be helpful to the society we intend to offer financial assistance to deserving students for their education, and the poor
Message from the MANAGING DIRECTOR
Honesty has no substitutes
Growth has almost become a crazy drive in the present day business scenario and most of the businessmen do not reflect on the horribleresults it entails. Perhaps, it may be at the cost of others- our fellow beings-and it is a strange and undesirable growth indeed! What we think good to us should benefit our fellow beings also and how to practice this principle had been my concern all these years . Here steps in the need of infusing ethical ideas into our acts .Our experience has sufficiently proved that ethics and business are not irreconcilable entities and both of them can be welded together for the betterment and welfare of the society. This idea paved the way for the business practices of ‘ My Baba Way Corporation Pvt .Ltd. We consider the Health of the people are of utmost importance , and in the restaurants and bakery we are going to open , only farm fresh vegetables and chicken will be used . Cooking medium to be used are ghee or coconut oil and Dalda and glue will be avoided. The Watch words we uphold are- “Healthy People- Wealthy People- Happy People- Helping People.”
1. Keep correct time.
2. Prepare in writing about your work in MBWC beforenight itself.
3. Examine whether your works done every day or not.
4. Don’t postpone any matter for tomorrow.
5. Be conscious of company’s vision and mission.
6. Have a clear education about company’s product and plan.
7. Don’t quarrel with IR or with the persons out side the company.
8. Don’t accuse other e-commerce company, product, paln.
9. Even if you are not gaining anything from, help IR’s mutually.
10. Remember every moment, stability of MBWC is necessary for me also.
11. When ever the company facer difficulties prepare your mind to adhere with company
12. MBWC is mine and my family’s part of future-bring up this thinking .
13. Each of you follow the system to earn from business with commission plan of MBWC through its leaders.
14. Be in positive attitude always.
15. Attend the company’s meeting and training regularly. Follow the company’s dress code.
16. Remember always, it is only me to control me.
17. Don’t forget, the money earns by me is the part of the joint efforts of me and my business partners.
18. Understand, it is my liabilty to solve the problems and difficulties of my business partners.
19. Understand, dislike and hatred towards my business partners is also towards my business.
20. As the investment, products, checking and despatching, office, staff, building rent, staff salary are afforded by the company, I am in a risk free business, evaluate always.
21. On every fortnight, self decide, how much commission I needed. Discuss with the upline about the effort needed for it.
22. Say Thank God, for the economic source given in hand for achieving the desires of me and my family.
23. Remember always, I needn’t work 8 hours for salary, no permission required for a leave from any boss. It is an occation in my hand to be a boss of me.